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Choosing a Therapist in Metro Denver
There are literally thousands of therapists in the Denver metro area.  How do you know if a particular counselor is competent, qualified and able to help with your issues?  Here are some of the things it's important to consider when finding a skilled therapist:
-Is the therapist licensed by their professional board? 
Professional licensure indicates that the therapist has had thousands of hours of post-graduate school experience and supervision, and has passed a licensing exam that covers all issues that a counselor should be knowledgeable about in regard to providing therapy.
-How much experience does the therapist have in treating the issues you are dealing with?  Does she have a graduate degree from an accredited university?
The more years of experience and training that a counselor has after graduate school, the better qualified he or she is to treat specific issues or problems.  Always make certain that a therapist has a graduate degree - either a Masters degree or PhD.
-What is the therapist's style of work? 
A competent therapist will be able to give you an explanation of the type of therapy he or she practices, what you can expect in your work together and will be willing to answer any questions you might have.
-How does it feel in the therapy session?
Is it a warm, inviting environment and is the counselor someone who seems personable, engaged and genuinely invested in listening and helping?
-Does the therapist adhere to Professional Ethics? 
Therapists have a strict Code of Ethics that prevent such things as dual relationships (having a personal or business relationship outside of therapy).  Your counselor should provide you with a Consent to Treatment that covers important ethical issues related to the therapeutic relationship.
-Has the therapist ever been professionally sanctioned for inappropriate behavior or had complaints filed against him or her with their licensing board? 
You can check this information through the Sate of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies at https://www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx
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